Right to Shop – the Next Big Thing in Healthcare

February 11, 2018

Forbes’ article on Right to Shop – It’s the next big thing in Health Care –  is spot on!  And SB 1471 can make it happen in Arizona.  Check out how Jenny saves thousands every year  while managing her Crohn’s disease. But she doesn’t just save – under an insurance incentive program offered in New Hampshire and switching to a lower cost provider, she actually gets paid $500 per visit and pays no copay. Same drug, same delivery, same frequency, but higher quality one-on-one care at a fraction of the cost. See her story on NBC Nightly News. [Read more]

Early Fruit from ‘Right to Earn a Living’

November 10, 2017

Right to Earn a Living protections passed last session in SB 1437 are already paying off for people wishing to practice their professions in Arizona – proving that some regulatory boards in the state do indeed put burdensome impediments between prospective licensees and Arizonans in need of the services they can provide.   [Read more]

A little work (requirement) never hurt anyone

September 11, 2017

Arizona is moving ahead with the proposal to add work requirements for able-bodied individuals to continue receiving Medicaid.  You would think the world was coming to an end, but as Naomi Lopez-Bauman from the Goldwater Institute put it in Sunday’s news coverage, “Instead of a safety net, Medicaid has become a poverty trap for some, where people are not working in order to keep free health care.”  Work requirements may fix that. [Read more]

Scalia and Article V

September 11, 2017

Arizona’s State Capitol in Phoenix is the place and September 12th is the time.  Officially Commissioned delegates from around the country will gather to formalize the rules by which future amendments convention(s) dealing with Congressional Term Limits or a Balanced Budget Amendment will abide (BTW, we add $1 Billion to our national debt EVERY DAY).   The convention is open to the public.

Fears of a ‘runaway’ convention and half-truths persist, however, and a particularly egregious one is the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinion on states proposing amendments.  This piece from the Article V Caucus Newsletter  is worth a read.  Here’s an excerpt: [Read more]

Article V Planning Committee names Townsend, Barto

July 4, 2017

Article V Planning Committee is named and held its first meeting June 27th, 2017.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Members of the planning committee for the Arizona Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention have elected Representative Kelly Townsend (R-16) as chairman and Senator Nancy Barto (R-15) as vice-chairman. [Read more]

Education Action – Funding & Reforms

June 7, 2017

K-12 education is the area Legislators wanted to impact most this session – and prioritize additional funding towards.  With the 2018 budget, 82% of new spending goes to education.  Read where your budgeted education dollars will go, the facts about Arizona’s ESA program & other education actions. [Read more]

‘Cash for Compliance’ – tort reforms shut down bad actors

June 7, 2017

SB 1406 – Cashing in on ADA Compliance. Businesses shouldn’t ignore the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but neither should legal “advocates” for individuals with disabilities file lawsuits for gain and no intention of actually aiding those with disabilities by achieving ADA compliance.  Gen. Brnovich successfully shut down one such lawyer in Arizona who had filed more than 1,700 ADA parking lot lawsuits in one year.   [Read more]

COS: Arizona’s on the map!

May 20, 2017

Check out this map!  After a number of prior attempts, Arizona’s finally gone green – joining other states calling for an Article V Convention of States (COS) to move forward.

Why? What is the problem?  Michael Farris says it best in this video.   Here are the four major problems only state-driven amendments to the Constitution can solve: [Read more]

‘End-of-Life’ Conscience Protections

April 3, 2017

Getting to the bottom of the opposition to SB 1439 – has unwittingly revealed the obvious need for SB 1439.  Opponents weren’t against SB 1439 as much as they were opposed to the conscience protections already in law! [Read more]

Updated: Right to Earn a Living…other bills Signed!

March 26, 2017

SB 1437 – SIGNED!  The right to earn an honest living is fundamental to preserving liberty. Take a listen here.  SB 1437 places the burden on the government rather than citizens to prove the necessity of certain rules & policies. Is this a problem? Check this out[Read more]

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