Preventing a “Gosnell” in Arizona

April 13, 2014

I can describe in one word why HB 2284 – the Women’s Health Protection Act – is needed in Arizona:  Gosnell.

In case you do not recall, police found shocking evidence of inhuman activities going on behind the scenes in that Pennsylvania house of horrors including infanticide, incredibly disturbing health hazards such as prolific blood spatters, baby body parts in jars in refrigerators & cat urine stench.  The Gosnell trial also revealed that minors and untrained and unlicensed staffers had been assisting in the abortions.  All of this went on for decades due to a lack of oversight - including inspections.

In Arizona, abortion clinics are the only health care institutions exempt from unannounced health inspections.   But do we have reason to believe there are problems?  YES – absolutely yes.  Here are two:   [Read more]

Obamacare News & Comment

October 24, 2013

Rand Comes Clean: Exchanges only enrolled 1.4 million previously uninsured - Yep.  Read the real numbers.

Health Overhaul Delayed Further - ’til Oct. 2016 - that’s right before the election!

Another Part of ACA Delayed for a Year - How many more ‘delays’ will there be?

Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes - Get ready…more of them come due in 2014.

Obamacare’s Looming Land Mine - Bankrupt patients will blame the providers, not the government who imposed the law.

Does Obamacare Discourage Marriage? – You bet.  Obama: “Fundamentally changing” America one institution at a time.

The Administration that coordinated the Obamacare website will soon coordinate your health care, too.  - How? Thru ACOs - liberals’ expression of faith [Read more]

The Missing Tile

July 26, 2013

Are you prone to zero in on what’s wrong in life - even when most of the important things are going right?

In his book, “Happiness is a Serious Problem“, conservative talk host Dennis Prager describes it as ‘The Missing Tile Syndome’ in which, for example, despite having a beautifully appointed living room - furnished from end to end with loveliness – even a beautifully tiled ceiling, the homeowner constantly frets over the one flaw his eyes are drawn to every time he enters the room:  a missing ceiling tile. [Read more]

“Prolife All-Star”: Arizona Ranked 5th Most Prolife State in the Nation

January 21, 2013

  Arizona jumps 9 spots from 2011 ranking in Americans United for Life’s “Life List”

PHOENIX – Life is good in Arizona – and protected – according to a report released today, which ranks Arizona the fifth most prolife state in the nation.
The national prolife organization Americans United for Life (AUL) moved Arizona up into the top five, nine spots higher than its ranking from 2011. AUL also dubbed Arizona its “2013 Prolife All-Star.”
In their report, AUL cites legislation drafted and supported by Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) as the rationale for the improved ranking.

Can you visualize a Trillion?

September 29, 2012

Millions…..Billions……Trillions – what’s the big diff?

It’s difficult to fathom, but a trillion is a one with 12 zeroes (1,000,000,000,000).  Not helping?  How about this comparison? 1 million seconds is 12 days; one billion seconds is 31 years; and one trillion seconds:  31,688 years.

Want more?  Try this visual.

Now remember the U.S. BORROWS .40 of every Federal dollar it spends!  Is it any wonder we are $16 Trillion in debt and falling further behind every day.  How to dig out? [Read more]

Whose Mandating Whom?

April 10, 2012

HB 2625 is ground zero in the battle for religious liberty in Arizona - pushing back against the Obamacare mandate forcing employers to provide contraceptives even if it violates their religious beliefs.  HB 2625 exempts religiously affiliated organizations from the insurance mandate.

Liberal Democrats and Planned Parenthood claim it wages “war on women” and makes Arizona the most hostile state in the nation for reproductive rights.  Really?

While the hyperbole may drive their fundraising efforts, it not only denies the source of the controversy but distorts the bill itself. [Read more]

‘Wrongful Birth’ lawsuits simply wrong

March 18, 2012

Liberal bloggers from around the country caused needless hysteria over my sponsorship of Arizona’s SB 1359, wrongful birth; wrongful life tort reform, claiming it gives doctors license to lie to their patients.  It doesn’t.  That would be wrong.

The measure, signed into law by Governor Brewer, will protect physicians who have done nothing wrong from predatory lawsuits in cases where patients sue their doctors, arguing they would have aborted their child if the doctor had correctly diagnosed a birth defect or fetal anomaly while their baby was in utero.   But ask yourself:

  • Why should physicians who have done everything “by the book” – except know the unknowable – remain in legal crosshairs?
  • Is life with a disability not a life worth living?

Wrongful life/wrongful birth lawsuits implicitly endorse the view that the life of a disabled child is worth less than the life of a healthy child. [Read more]

AZ Legislators at NCSL

August 20, 2011

Arizona Legislators, including Sen. Majority Leader Andy Biggs, Sen. Rich Crandall, Speaker Andy Tobin, Sr. and Sen. Nancy Barto, addressed their peers from all 50 states during the National Conference of State Legislatures’ annual meeting in San Antonio in August.  They participated in sessions on health reform, the changing role of state government and leadership during tough times.

The session began with lawsuit updates from Bill McCollum, former Florida Attorney General and Elizabeth Weeks Leonard, Associate Professor of Law, University of Georgia followed by state updates by:

  • Representative David Clark, Utah;
  • Senator Judy Lee, North Dakota;
  • Senator Nancy Barto, Arizona
  • Senator Betty Boyd, Colorado
  • Read ABC 15 press.

    E-health records – help or harm?

    July 15, 2011

    Like everything else, your medical records are going viral.

    To hasten the move from paper to electronic systems, the Federal Stimulus bill earmarked $23 billion  in incentive payments to health care providers.

    Payments are flowing to qualified health care providers - hoping paperless systems will bring cost efficiencies to the health care system and help doctors improve patient outcomes.

    But will it?  The e-system did not help baby Genesis Burkett of Chicago.  It led to her untimely death.  [Read more]

    Abortion Funding in AZ

    April 10, 2011

    The courts have said time and time again that a woman’s legal right to choose an abortion does not demand that taxpayers pay for it.  SB 1265/HB 2384 is not about whether or not abortion should be legal – it will not prohibit one abortion. 

    What this bill will do is put us in solidarity with the 240 United State Congressmen who voted just a few weeks ago to protect our federal tax dollars from subsidizing the abortion industry.

    As Congressman Mike Pence said on the House Floor, “Nobody is saying that Planned Parenthood can’t be the leading advocate of abortion on demand in America…but why do I have to pay for it?” [Read more]

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