Why I am running for the Senate

June 3, 2010

Following the “mother” of all years for change with both the election of President Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress, Americans are waking up to what all this change really means:

Unprecedented deficit spending and job-killing tax hikes to keep the spending pace going strong -government takeover of the health care, banking and auto industries, turning national security into a discussion of how bad America is rather than protecting us from radical Islamic terrorists  –  even balking at Arizona’s efforts to secure our border!

These and other concerns are driving folks to get involved again in their government.   That’s a good thing!   They’re  not only waking up  – they’re  pushing for new, committed leadership in Washington who will listen and do what is right for America. [Read more]

CAP Video features Barto

May 14, 2010

Do you support Education options for all students?   Strong families & marriages?  Protections for women and the unborn?  Religious freedom?
View the Center for Arizona Policy’s video featuring Rep. Barto.

Read Breaking News summarizing the Legislative victories realized this session!

What do you DO when you’re not in Session?

October 26, 2009

It’s a question I imagine many people wonder of their elected representatives.  Below is an update on a few of the issues/activities keeping me hopping – between Special Sessions, of course. 

 –     A fourth Special Session, addressing this year’s budget, is expected to be called in early November.   Now that the latest revenue numbers are in, revealing a $2 billion deficit in the current budget year many of us are pushing to begin tackling this deficit  before we have to deal with next year’s budget cuts.  But the agencies’ 15% budget cutting exercise will result in nowhere near the real budget cuts we will see next year, ie. prisoners will not be released to the streets!

–     Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act.   People are incensed at Congress’ imminent  move to nationalize health care and are anxious to learn how they can  preserve their fundamental health care freedoms.  Requests for interviews, articles and to speak to groups about the AHCFA continue unabated.  It’s a movement catching fire across the country.  So far 20 other states, Kansas being the latest, plan to follow Arizona’s lead and introduce the legislation next year, if they haven’t already.  [Read more]

Grass Roots Welcome!

July 1, 2008

Thank You for visiting my website.

The deep-rooted weeds and crab grass we battle in our yards can teach us something about the strength of grass roots.  As one of those grassroots voices in our community before running for office, I believe it is not only possible, but necessary, for those who care about our future to make a positive difference in government by staying engaged and not giving up.

Arizona is a great state deserving great state government leadership. With your support I will continue to carry your grass roots voice to the Arizona Senate.

Thank you for joining me in making our voices heard.

All the best,

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