2014 Session – Opening Week

February 2, 2014

The first week of the 2014 session was action-packed, but before we get there – today we commemorate the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  How much do you know about his “I have a dream” speech? Check out other important African-Americans in our nation’s history: Neglected Voices. Now for the highlights of Opening Day and the week’s issues:

Opening Day

  • Starting the session right – with prayer. The Center for Arizona Policy again organized their (early morning) annual prayer event at the Capitol.  I am grateful to everyone of you and the many pastors, including mine, who attended and who regularly pray for me and all elected officials in Arizona.
  • Special Guests.  Along with my husband, Joe, Troop 616 scout, Alex Murr, and his mom, Heather, were my special guests for Opening Day ceremonies.  It was an honor to host this bright aspiring space explorer.
  • Inspiring Keynote.  Cardinals kicker Jay Feely “kicked off” the 2014 Senate session with an inspiring message on staying focused amidst failure.  Here’s a shot of my husband, Joe, with Feely and Cards owner Michael Bidwell. [Read more]

Arizonans deserve an apology

July 26, 2013

Every session has its disappointments  –  but Arizonans should be more than disappointed that these major boo-boos were imposed upon them this session.  They deserve an apology – and to have these top 5 mistakes rectified. [Read more]

Expanding Liberty, Protecting Taxpayers

July 9, 2013

Highlights from the 2013 Session

How was your money spent?:   With the exception of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion pushed through this past session,  the Republican Majority has made tremendous strides in the past three years in balancing the books of the State of Arizona. We are already seeing signs that Arizona is one of a small number of states poised to come out of the lingering recession with solid growth and strong balance sheets.  Budgeting is now required to be done not just for the current fiscal year but three years out.  By FY 2016, we can now predict that Arizona will have a structurally balanced budget.  Leadership in the legislature managed to maintain spending levels, but increase funding in a few key areas. [Read more]

February Capitol update

February 18, 2013

What’s happening at the Capitol?  One thing is sure – since it is the final week for committees to hear Senate bills in the Senate, it will be a busy week for committees!

  • The call for Medicaid expansion.  Read Arizona should refuse Obamacare Medicaid bribe.
  • HOA bill:  SB 1278 unanimously passed Senate Public Safety Committee. Rather than falling short of success again, this bill clarifies authority over parking on public streets for new HOAs only – which Legislators seem to be good with.  Progress!!
  • Foster care:  My bill aimed at improving counseling treatment for children in foster care, SB 1375, passed the Sen. Health & Human Services Committee on Wednesday 4-3.
  • Board of Behavioral Health Examiners:  SB 1374 -the bill significantly reforming this incredibly dysfunctional board, passed its first committee hurdle 7-0!  Many thanks to all who attended this long hearing and sent e-mails in support of both SB 1374 & 1375.   video testimony available here for both bills. [Read more]

Budget stability & jobs dominate session

May 23, 2012

The 2012 session places Arizona on strong economic footing

  • For the second year in a row the Legislature achieved a balanced budget, w/o gimmicks, sweeps & rollovers AND without additional cuts.
  • Multi-year budgeting.  Charting a new course of responsible fiscal management for the state, the 50th Legislature balanced budgets for Fiscal Years 2012, 2013 and 2014, even with the temporary one percent sales tax increase expiring.
  • Saved $450 million in a rainy day fund for contingencies to prevent future cuts in an uncertain and slow economic recovery.
  • Stability reaps results. 93,000 new jobs created in February, March and April

Economic/Jobs Initiatives  [Read more]

Do we want a free health care market?

March 18, 2012

Then why have common sense reforms that will produce one been opposed, defeated and/or vetoed at the Legislature for the last 2 years – even with a Republican Governor and Republican supermajority?

The short answer is swarms of  lobbyists.  The longer answer is Legislators succumbing to lobbyists on issues that should be very clear. [Read more]

Protect your medical records

March 18, 2012

The main purpose of the latest Electronic Medical Records bill – signed into law this year – was to include electronic prescribing as an acceptable method for prescribing controlled substances as long as they follow all the DEA rules and regs.

That’s good.  Federal ARRA legislation (the loathsome “stimulus” bill)  rewards doctors for e-prescribing, expecting fewer medical errors and better use of up-to-date patient records will result in fewer diagnostics, better care and lower health care costs.  This is a great goal.   The jury is still out as to whether it will do these things, but it’s likely to improve patient care….as long as patients’ consent and privacy rights and information are protected in these systems.  [Read more]

‘Wrongful Birth’ lawsuits simply wrong

March 18, 2012

Liberal bloggers from around the country caused needless hysteria over my sponsorship of Arizona’s SB 1359, wrongful birth; wrongful life tort reform, claiming it gives doctors license to lie to their patients.  It doesn’t.  That would be wrong.

The measure, signed into law by Governor Brewer, will protect physicians who have done nothing wrong from predatory lawsuits in cases where patients sue their doctors, arguing they would have aborted their child if the doctor had correctly diagnosed a birth defect or fetal anomaly while their baby was in utero.   But ask yourself:

  • Why should physicians who have done everything “by the book” – except know the unknowable – remain in legal crosshairs?
  • Is life with a disability not a life worth living?

Wrongful life/wrongful birth lawsuits implicitly endorse the view that the life of a disabled child is worth less than the life of a healthy child. [Read more]

Students to ‘Move on When Ready’

August 20, 2011

The Center for the Future of Arizona reports about half of Arizona high school graduates require at least one non-credit, developmental math course.  And forty-one percent of incoming community college students require at least one pre-college course in reading or English before they can advance to college-level courses.

On the other end of the spectrum, a significant number of high achieving students fail to graduate because they’re bored, adding to Arizona’s 30% graduation failure rate. [Read more]

School Choice Championed

July 15, 2011

“The most promising cost-effective strategies for improving education include healthy doses of competition and consumer choice, an approach championed by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman.”   Investors Business Daily

Other states are catching up, but Arizona continues to lead the nation in offering parents plenty of educational choices for their kids – in April the courts confirming their rights to direct education dollars:  Students Win in Court Ruling.

Here’s a summary of this session’s work undergirding school choice in Arizona: [Read more]

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