Mid-session Senate News

February 24, 2015

And there’s plenty of good news to report. Here are some highlights on Barto-sponsored & supported bills:

  • Good News for Patients.¬† SB 1284 ¬†- passed the Senate 23-6 last week, moving on to the House.¬†Under the Obamacare mandates, patients are faced with a whole new set of challenges ‚Äď including incredibly high deductibles and narrower physician networks.¬† SB 1284 will help patients avoid having to pay twice to satisfy their insurance deductibles if they have to (or choose to) pay directly for covered health care outside their networks.¬† The cash payments could apply under the same rules in current law, which passed in 2013.
  • Student Civics Requirement. ¬†Shouldn‚Äôt every high school graduate know who is in charge of the Executive branch of the Government?¬† Believe it or not, many don‚Äôt!¬† The first bill signed into law this session will make passing the same Civics Test required for new U.S. citizens mandatory for Arizona students, too: SB 1029.¬† Check out the test yourself at www.citizenshiptestus.com.
  • Good News for LIFE and Taxpayers!¬† 85% of Americans abhor their tax dollars paying for elective abortions, yet 41 out of the 199 Arizona health plans in the health care exchange include abortion coverage and taypayers ARE paying for them.¬† SB 1318¬†stops subsidized elective abortions in the Obamacare federal exchange plans.¬† The bill passed the Senate on 17-12 and awaits a hearing in the House. Learn the details: Fact Sheet.
  • Good News for the Welfare State. ¬†How is it that between 1983 and 2012 population increased by 83 million and yet people accepting means-tested benefits increased by 67 million?¬† In fact, the fastest growing source of personal income in America are welfare entitlements. SB 1092, which passed the Senate 17-12 today can potentially help reduce disincentives to work by adding work requirements to Arizona‚Äôs Medicaid program, as well as sensible cost-sharing and caps on the number of years one can receive these benefits. ¬†Federal regulators just approved cost-sharing elements in Indiana‚Äôs Medicaid waiver a few weeks ago.¬† Arizona should be asking for the same and other common sense reforms so the program is sustainable for those who truly need it.¬† Read Who‚Äôs on Welfare?
  • Good News for Businesses! ¬†¬†SB 1241 will ensure AHCCCS providers of in-home support services, which benefit seniors and save taxpayers millions of dollars, can choose how they conduct their businesses. A 2015 National Federation of Independent Business ‚Äď (NFIB) priority bill, the legislation passed the Senate today 25-4 ‚Äď and moves to the House. ¬†
  • Good News/Bad News:¬† SCM 1005 ‚Äď the Regulation Freedom Amendment urges Congress to put the brakes on excessive Federal regulations. See Government isn‚Äôt supposed to work this way. The bill passed the Senate Committee, but has not been scheduled for floor votes yet by Sen. President Biggs, who has not committed to doing so (Bad news for moving our Republican form of government back to Constitutional sanity). ¬†Read more about the Liberty Amendments and what they entail.¬† All states, especially Arizona, should get on board!
  • Good News ‚Äď CO 2 is good for the Environment! ¬†Last week Craig Idso from the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change presented the latest on global climate change before the Senate Federal Mandates & Fiscal Responsibility Committee.¬† You can check out the facts, too, at CO 2 Science.org, which is regularly updated with new information.

Question or Comments?  Let me know by e-mail at info@nancybarto.com.

Who’s on Welfare?

February 22, 2015

Numbers don’t lie.¬† The War on Poverty has cost us¬†$22 Trillion so far, and rising.

  • One third of Americans now¬†take ‚Äúneed-based‚ÄĚ payments (14% of GDP)
  • Benefit transfers¬†to individuals through social welfare programs have increased from less than one federal dollar in¬†four (24%) in 1963 to almost 3 out of 5 (59%) in 2013
  • In fact, Americans‚Äô fastest growing source of personal income are welfare entitlements.

[Read more]

Great Expectations for 2015

January 8, 2015

Ahhh‚Ķ2015!¬† The New year always comes with hopes and expectations.¬† And after the November elections, our political hopes loom even larger. ¬†¬†Here is what I‚Äôm hoping ‚Äď and will be working for this session at the Capitol.

  • Fiscal restraint.¬† Arizona‚Äôs budget picture is bleak for sure, but Gov. Ducey‚Äôs commitment to grow the economy without dinging taxpayers is something I can get behind.¬† He gets it!¬† [Read more]

Gilbert’s textbooks still don’t comply

January 4, 2015

Gilbert’s governing board made a decision –¬†not to decide.

Remember back in October when Gilbert’s Governing¬†Board voted to take action ensuring their textbooks¬†comply with state law?¬†(see the background here)¬†Well, now¬†apparently¬†it isn’t nearly so urgent¬†to¬†honor that vote and the law.

It is¬†not only¬†troubling¬†that Gilbert¬†parents can’t¬†trust their¬†school board to¬†act upon a prior board action,¬†but¬†unconscionable¬†their¬†students¬†will continue to¬†learn –¬†in Science class - that ending life through abortion-causing contraception is¬†natural and¬†preferable to¬†childbirth and adoption, as the latter concepts are omitted¬†– which is¬†contrary to¬†state law. [Read more]

Government isn’t supposed to work this way

January 3, 2015


The “business” of government regulation is booming¬†–¬†and it’s¬†crushing real businesses.

In the last two weeks of 2014 the Obama administration enacted over 1,200 new regulations  Рand the President is poised to unleash another 2,375 in 2015.

Yes, we’re still the financial capital of the world with a GDP of $16.7 trillion last year, nearly a quarter of the global total, but we’re¬†falling further behind every year¬†and regulators have a lot to do with it.

According to¬†Forbes.com, “The U.S. ranks 18th in Forbes‚Äô ninth¬†annual ranking of the Best Countries for Business, down four spots from last year. It marks the fifth straight year of declines since 2009, when the U.S. ranked second.‚ÄĚ

Government isn’t supposed to work this way.¬† Let’s change it!

Which is why I’m sponsoring the Regulation Freedom Amendment this session: [Read more]

Buried in the numbers: Obamacare’s costs going up

November 8, 2014

White House is ecstatic by the latest CBO numbers, but take a deeper look. [Read more]

Final push before the Election – then we celebrate!

October 29, 2014

Things to know and ways to help before the big day next Tuesday.  Your vote will make a difference!  And your involvement can make or break a tight race, too.   My race is wrapped up (thank you again for your support!).  I have no general election opponent, but others are pretty tight.

  • Judges?¬† These are my picks for a YES vote: Robert Brutinel, Cynthia Baily, James Blomo,¬† Boyd Dunn, Roger Brodman, Janice Crawford, Michael Herrod, Carey Hyatt, Brian Ishikawa, Joan Sinclair, Pamela Svoboda, Danielle Viola.
  • Need info on the Propositions?¬† Check this out.
  • Phone bank for Ducey for Governor ‚Äď Sign up for a shift to call undecided voters here.¬†¬†4455 E. Camelback Rd. Suite E 260¬† Phoenix, 85018
  • Get out the vote party for Michele Reagan for Secretary of State: ¬†Thursday, Oct. 30 at 4:00 p.m.¬† LD 23 office ‚Äď 7047 E. Greenway Pkwy, #250, Scottsdale
  • Election Prayer:¬† This Sunday, November 2nd ¬†from 2-5 p.m. at the State Capitol¬† and at Pureheart Christian Fellowship at 6:30 p.m.
  • Election Night Celebration at the HYATT downtown and stop by Suite 322 – where I will be joining Congressman Trent Franks.¬† Festivities begin around¬†7:00 p.m.
  • CAP Post Election Wrap-up with Hugh Hewitt:¬† Friday, November 7th.¬† Click here for more info.

Are your public school’s textbooks lawful?

October 25, 2014


Gilbert’s aren’t – but will be soon now that the Gilbert School Board voted to have their science/biology books come into compliance (Read Townhall news coverage).

Some may remember that in 2012 Arizona passed a law I sponsored (SB1009) that gives preference, encouragement & support to childbirth & adoption over elective abortion in our public schools.   Nonetheless, efforts to openly flout the law continue.  Last January, for instance, the Tempe Unified School District ALMOST adopted a Planned Parenthood sex education curriculum that did not adhere to the law, but when 240 concerned parents showed up to support the law, they backed off somewhat and only adopted part of it.  Alliance Defending Freedom and other groups got involved, as well.

Here’s what’s happening in Gilbert:¬† Recently¬†I learned from an involved parent that five out of the seven BIOLOGY and SCIENCE textbooks used in Gilbert Public School District¬†are not law-abiding either. [Read more]

AZ Legislators Oppose Billion $ Tax Increase

October 16, 2014

The undersigned members of the Arizona Legislature oppose Proposition 480 for three basic reasons: cost, growth of government and uncertainty due to the many changes in the health-care delivery system. [Read more]

Education candidates – about more than Common Core

October 1, 2014

Candidates run for office for many reasons Рnot just to replace Common Core.  Consider these candidates and their views on a host of issues before you vote:

Diane Douglas, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction:¬† You know Diane’s stance against Common Core in Arizona, but did you know what else¬†Diane will do when she’s elected?¬† [Read more]

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