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Obama’s bathroom ‘guidance’ is about more than bathrooms

May 25, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

Since the Obama administration’s latest ‘guidance’ mandating every school in America comply with new transgender bathroom and locker room, etc. policies – or risk losing federal funds – many concerned citizens have called my office, wondering what Arizona is going to do.  There is really only one right response….

Campaign 2016

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Two Quick Questions…

April 3, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

*Do you live in Legislative District 15?  (You can check here at the Maricopa County District Locator)

*Are you a registered Republican or Independent voter?

If you answered YES to both, I have one more question for you:  Will you kindly sign my campaign petition to help get me qualify for the August Primary?  It only takes a minute to sign online. You’ll need your Drivers License number  – and you’re practically done.

Thank you for your support!  Here’s the link to sign the petition.

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Major 2016 Legislation – a short list

April 24, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

Here’s an updated short list on some of the session’s major issues:

  • Pension Reform – Passed! Prop. 124 – was approved overwhelmingly by voters May 17th, providing solvency & stability to our Public Safety Retirement System.
  • Funding K-12 Education Passed!  Prop. 123  was also narrowly approved by voters.  See Prop. 123 – Beyond the Talking Points .
  • Foster Care Signed! Jacob’s Law – children with urgent mental health needs can now get them from private providers.
  • Privatizing the Backlog – Signed!  Relieves DCS case managers with outrageous caseloads, increasing permanency for kids.
  • Pro-Life Bills Signed! Preserving the dignity of the preborn, trafficking their body parts is now prohibited in Arizona, and others.
  • Healthcare & Mental Health – Signed!  Barto bills aid patients & families navigating the mental health system – medical free speech – health board transparency.
  • Free Speech – Signed!  HB 2615 – the 1st amendment doesn’t take a break when students attend college.
  • Parents & Education Rights HB 2544 – Provides Districts a menu of testing options – not just the AZMerit – Signed!  Consent for student surveys – HB 2088  – Signed!
  • Protect 2nd Amendment –  Signed!HB 2224– protects private transactions from fees.  See the important bills in the queue and gun control bills defeated this session.
  • Reining in Regulators – HB 2130 Signed!  Also HB 2613  (yes, we really do license yoga instructors!), SB 1524, SB 1388 – Signed!
  • Christian Genocide speaking out for persecuted minorities in the Middle East – SM 1001 Done! & SB 1367 & SB 2691 –  View IDC video

 For a good synopsis of more 2016 Session Highlights, click here.  Thank you for your interest!


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2nd Amendment Action

April 22, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

Unsurprisingly, a slew of restrictive gun rights bills were sponsored this session…but these are not the only threats to the 2nd Amendment in Arizona.  The Feds and local governments are on the gun control march, too.  Thus, legislators are working to strengthen Arizona’s weapons laws against preemptive action from either direction – including these (courtesy of Arizona Citizens Defense League): Read more »

Culture Watch

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“The BIGGER The Government, the smaller the citizen”

April 22, 2016 · 1 Comment 

Oft repeated by radio talk host Dennis Prager, the phrase describes well where we are today in America  

We’ve lost our way.  The limited government our founders and early Americans envisioned is nothing like what we see today where Washington wields unquenchable control over our lives – usually in the name of the public’s welfare or safety.  Its redistributionist ways not only crowd out spending for government’s fundamental purposes, like defense, education and infrastructure, but stifle Americans’ freedoms and ability to innovate.   Read more »


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Prop. 123 – Beyond the talking points

April 24, 2016 · 1 Comment 

Yes, Prop. 123 will pump $3.5 Billion into Arizona’s schools immediately without busting the state budget.  But beyond that, I’d like to explain my support for Prop. 123:

Some critics of Prop. 123 balk at giving K-12 any more money – period.  The trust level on how it will be spent – evidenced in how few bond & override questions have passed recently – is near zero in some parts.  Voters blame schools for hiring too many administrators & not paying teachers enough.  For blaming lack of funding for poor student performance.  For saying there is never enough funding.  They want to see education reforms, too.

Okay – but what are we really dealing with?

It really IS time to stop paying lawyers and start paying teachers.  The school funding lawsuit is a critical consideration.  Voters may not realize how deeply divided we are on the disagreement that Arizona underpaid schools under Prop. 301.  That’s why the State is in court.  The Legislature believes we only owe schools about $75 million rather than $300 – plus there’s the back-payments they want, adding billions more.  But that’s beside the point now because Arizona lost. And the State’s appeal doesn’t look good either.  Prop. 123 settles the lawsuit, with the schools receiving about 72% of what the districts would likely have been awarded by the courts.  Continuing the lawsuit would cost everyone more.

But are teachers likely to benefit?  Prop. 123 does not designate where the funding is to be spent.  Under the agreement, it leaves it to the local districts to decide.  I’m okay with that because the public is VERY wary of how schools spend their funds already, especially additional funding authority at the ballot.   Because so much expectation from Prop. 123 is on paying teachers, I believe districts will do all they can to prioritize their teachers’ salaries.  Many need to in order to keep them from retiring or moving to higher paid positions elsewhere. Read more »

Legislative Action

2nd Amendment Action

2nd Amendment Action

Unsurprisingly, a slew of restrictive gun rights bills were sponsored this session…but these are not the only threats to the 2nd Amendment in Arizona.  The Feds and local... [Read more]

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Major 2016 Legislation – a short list

Major 2016 Legislation – a short list

Here’s an updated short list on some of the session’s major issues: Pension Reform – Passed! Prop. 124 – was approved overwhelmingly by voters May... [Read more]